Ubuntu 18.04时间同步

Ubuntu 18.04时间同步



Sync Clock with Time Servers through the Command Line
Check Current Time Status
The timedatectl command lets you check the current time status of your system clock. Open your Ubuntu terminal through Ctrl+Alt+T and enter the following command:

$ timedatectl status
Ubuntu 18.04时间同步
Check time with timedatectl

Among other details, you can see the Local time, the Universal time and also if your system clock is synchronized with the internet time servers or not.

Synchronize the System Time
The chronyd command lets you check the time by which your system clock is off. If you run a chronyd command without installing the utility first, you will get the following message:
Ubuntu 18.04时间同步
The chronyd command

Please install the Chrony utility as follows:

$ sudo apt install chrony
Ubuntu 18.04时间同步

You can then use the following command to see how much your time varies from the internet server. The “System clock wrong by” line in the output indicates this thing.

$ sudo chronyd -Q
You can also synchronize the system time and see the “System clock wrong by” information in one go through the following command:

$ sudo chronyd -q
In the following example, you can see that when I first ran the chronyd -q command, my system was off by 95.9 seconds. After running the command, my internet time was reset and that can be observed when I re-ran the command. This time my system clock is only off by -0.001446 seconds which is an ignorable difference.
Ubuntu 18.04时间同步
Using chronyd

On the Ubuntu Desktop (GUI)
Operating Systems these days are set to fetch Date & Time and Time zones automatically through the internet. You can set your system to fetch date and time according to the selected time zone as follows:

Click the downward arrow located at the top right corner of your Ubuntu desktop and then click the settings icon located at the bottom left corner:
Ubuntu 18.04时间同步
Click on settings Icon


Type Settings in the Ubuntu Dash as follows:
Ubuntu 18.04时间同步
Open settings

Click the Details tab and then select the Date & Time option.
Ubuntu 18.04时间同步
Make sure your Automatic Date & Time button is turned on. This will enable you to automatically fetch the current date and time from the internet server.

Automatic date and time synchronisation